A colleague of mine posted a wonderful article (linked to below) that I hope every coach, athlete, parent, and sport administrator reads.  Dr. Taylor makes a very compelling argument to explain why sport psychology has not become a bigger presence in sport; despite most saying that sport is at least 50% mental and maybe even higher.  I hope you enjoy the post but I wanted to highlight a few things in the post.

Dr. Taylor sights a few reasons/theories as to why sport psychology has not gain more favor,

  1. The lack of structured programs in sport psychology for athletes
  2. The ability to track and monitor improvement in athletes mental abilities
  3. Guilt/Stigma associated with seeing a psychologist and being labeled “crazy”

These are all arguments that I have heard from athletes at all levels of sport.  Simply put they are all myths.  You do not work on the technical/physical aspects of your sport once a month and hope to improve.  You do not just practice random areas of your sport and hope to remain the best.  Sport psychologists develop structured programs to help you consistently train and improve your mental game.  I personally use a variety of instruments to help you monitor and “see” improvement in your mental skills and abilities.

Hopefully, this article encourages to you move your athletic career forward by working on your mental game with a sport psychologist.

Click here to read Dr. Taylor’s full article.