Sport Psychology Doesn’t Get the Respect it Deserves

A colleague of mine posted a wonderful article (linked to below) that I hope every coach, athlete, parent, and sport administrator reads.  Dr. Taylor makes a very compelling argument to explain why sport psychology has not become a bigger presence in sport; despite most saying that sport is at least 50% mental and maybe […]

Domestic Violence in Sports

On-field violence is a part of sport.  Often time’s players are rewarded for their aggressiveness on the field but this can lead to problems related to violence and aggression off the field.  The most recent suspension of Ray Rice for two games following his arrest for domestic violence is just part of a long […]

Watch the exclusive report: Athletes and domestic violence

Dr. Strickland was interviewed by 12 News on the NFL culture and the current problems involving violence and aggression off of the field.

Post Concussion Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

The passing of July 4 for many signals the passing of the mid-point of summer and the upcoming school year.  For parents and student-athletes it is a sign that the fall sports season is about to erupt into a sea of practices and games.  For those of us in North America that fall sports […]