Dr. Marc Strickland

About Dr. Marc Strickland

Dr. Strickland is certified by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), an international professional organization that promotes professional standards in the field of sport psychology.

Sport Psychology and the World Cup

With one of the largest sporting events drawing to a close the World Cup has been quite eventful and the emphasis on mental training and Sport Psychology has been apparent from the beginning.  Many teams have openly discussed their use of “mental coaches” and certainly the pressure of the World Cup has shown the […]

What Does It Take To Be Successful?

I have had the great fortune to work with some very successful athletes and coaches.

One thing I have learned from watching, listening, and working with these exceptional people who have achieved great success is that they all have on thing in common.

Every single one of them, no matter the sport or level of competition, […]

Dealing with Injuries: What To Do When You Can’t Perform

Let’s be completely honest – injuries of any kind or duration stink.

I have never seen a good injury.  It’s true, there are times when an injury occurs and it gives you perspective on your life or career or you discover that something else was wrong that saves your life, but I have never met […]

Parenting Your Child Athlete

Exploring the Behaviors of Positive and Negative Parenting

Sports play an ever-increasing role in our society, and the opportunity for children to participate in youth sport has become big business.  I often get questions from parents on what to do to help their child navigate the world of youth sport and how they can help […]